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Eco Statement

Sustainable Print and Mail strives to provide excellent service and quality products while minimizing harm to the environment.

This is done in several ways.

We start with our own carbon footprint. All electricity used by the offices of Sustainable Print and Mail is generated by our solar 3.8 kW photovoltaic generating system, which feeds any excess electricity back onto the electricity grid. Additionally, several of our vendors also use renewable energy in their day-to-day operations.

Sustainable Print and Mail advocates for the adoption of industry-wide recycling initiatives, and works primarily with green vendors. What is a green vendor you ask? A green vendor is one that provides recycled paper, promotes sustainable forestry practices, uses ultra low VOC inks and solvents, and recycles all waste materials, including aluminum plates and inks.

We encourage our clients to use recycled materials whenever possible, and we produce materials at the most efficient facilities available. Ultimately, because these practices cost nothing to our clients, working with Sustainable Print and Mail allows customers to reduce their own carbon footprint and uphold their corporate social responsibility.

Social Responsibility

We encourage every client and partner to work in a more sustainable manner. By utilizing the option to produce your project on recycled paper, and by working with a company that uses renewable energy resources like Sustainable Print and Mail, you are doing your part to sustain our planet.

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