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I’ve printed BrainShine’s projects with a number of Southern California printers. Most have good equipment and current technology, but what I value most is knowing that someone is making sure my vision comes to fruition. For me, that person is Ben Schindler. I’ve known Ben for over 20 years, and he’s been my print rep both at the former shops he worked at, and more recently through Sustainable Print and Mail. Ben just gets it. He understands what a designer is looking for and goes to great lengths to get it accomplished. When Ben is in charge of my projects, I rest easy knowing it will be done to spec...or that he’ll suggest better ways of achieving the goal. That means so much more to me than just having an ‘order taker’ sending my job to the prepress department.

Blaise Nauyokas, Creative Director, BrainShine

MPA Media
3080 S Harbor Blvd. Santa Ana, CA 92704 | Phone: (800) 324-7758
Marketing director: Randy Gerson

BioPharma Scientific;
5740 Fleet St Ste 200, Carlsbad, CA 92008 | (877) 772-43623
Director of Administration and Operations: Nicole Hugley

1430 Decision St, Vista, CA 92081 | (760) 734-3584
Senior Graphic Designer: Maysa Swaffer

Black Angus Steakhouse
4410 El Camino Real #201, Los Altos, CA 94022 | (650) 949-6422
Marketing and Advertising Manager: Kimberlee Rivera

CYT San Diego
1545 Pioneer Way, El Cajon, CA 92020 | (619) 588-0206
Managing Director: Renee Kauffman

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